How Do We Do This?

The process is straight forward and begins with us having a chat to ensure we're a good fit.  Coffee is always good but options include Skype, Facetime, or a simple phone conversation.


After that, we get together to attend to some all-important paperwork such as the Notice of Intended Marriage form, and to discuss content, music, the order of service, etc.  


That done and with a few ideas from you both, I set about writing your ceremony, with ongoing editing and tweaking as we go, to ensure it says exactly what you want to say.  


Ceremony sorted, we then set up a time closer to the date to rehearse and step through the different elements of the ceremony.  You've no doubt seen it done before but always best to leave nothing to chance. This is preferably done on location, and with key people present.


On the big day, I arrive well in advance to set up and help make sure all is happening as was planned.


We have a fabulous ceremony!


Following the ceremony, I forward the official documents onto the registry office and you soon receive your official marriage certificate in the post.


You both live happily ever after.....


Oh yeah, I have a professional PA that will take care of music and spoken word. 


My fee includes all of the above and travel costs within the Shoalhaven area.


Connect with me to learn more and discuss your personal requirements.


To download copy of Notice of Intended Marriage click here



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Creating personalised wedding ceremonies in the  Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Southern Highlands